Hello. My name is Linda and I am from Carnikava, Latvia. I have been gardening and planting everyday for the last four years.  Before Super Jump I was always asking myself what to do next and where to take the next step. All the time there was disharmony with work and myself. After one post of Facebook, Mārīte invited me to the course and I felt I had to say yes. I don't regret it for a moment because, first of all, in parallel with the course, a decision was made about work. Secondly, these principles give me the strength to control my mind, my thoughts, on a daily basis. Thank you to Mārīte for the fantastic opportunity and to the girls for the cool evenings. Mārīte and Christine are amazing intellect trainers because they give so much of their life experience, how it works, they listen and give a sense of security that everything is and will be okay. Thank you. (04.2023).My name is Louise. I am 21 years old. Super Jump was a great help when I was in hospital with depression and anxiety. Of course, in a condition where it's especially hard to get up, seek help and find hope, you think: what can this intellect training do for me? But I gave it a try. I took part in all the sessions, did all the exercises and watched my life become brighter, more positive and more peaceful before my eyes. I expected to experience a miracle from the classes, and I did. I am convinced that participating in Super Jump helped me to stabilise my health, motivated me to work harder on myself and confirmed that I have great potential to achieve my goals and dreams. Many thanks to the Super Jump trainers for their friendly and safe environment, active communication and support during and after the training. I recommend these intellect trainings to everyone. And don't wait for the hard and desperate times to start working on yourself. The right time, in my opinion, is when a person wants to make changes in him/herself and in his/her life. Take care of yourself and increase positivity! (05.2023.)