The Association of Intellect Trainers already operates in 75 countries and our trainers conduct classes in 25 languages. The profession of the Intellect Trainer is registered as intellectual property.

We invite you to join our international community of intellect trainers and help people change their thinking, harmonise their inner state, become more aware and fulfill their dreams. 

Take a look at this presentation to find out what are the benefits of intellect trainers.

By becoming an Intellect Trainer, you will be able to:

  • Gain security for your future - a ready-to-use international business, without risk and with unlimited opportunities to earn income and implement your dreams;
  • Gain independence - a profession of online work with freely chosen working hours and scope, no special education is required, but rules have been developed and training provided;
  • Interact with people - organize training groups, help people to be in a resourceful condition, use modern methods and a creative approach in conducting courses.

Here you can get the book "Super Jump Intellect Trainers Create the No 1 Company in the World" and find out:

  • what this new profession is,
  • how it is better than others,
  • how this profession can help you gain security, see and implement different possibilities, be always in a resourceful state, be independent from your surroundings and help millions of people around the world.

Advantages of the Profession

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